Super Strength

So much of the time when I catalog my characteristics or personality traits, the focus is on the negatives.

Even on here, I write about living with anxiety, my temper, my lack of patience.

The negative is easy to focus on. It’s what my brain focuses on, anyhow.

But today, my mom off-handedly said something about how open-minded I am. And I was like…yeah. I am.

It’s one of my favorite things about me.

In fact, it’s my superhuman trait.

I grew up in a small town, in a small state. Little to no diversity in race, sexual orientation, or even religion. I mean, you had your Catholics, Lutherans, Methodists, but nothing outside Christianity and the stray atheist.

Most of the people in my hometown, hell my whole state, are stanchly conservative Republicans. There’s a lot of Trump flags still flying, and frequent “Snowflake” bashing rants on Facebook.

I, somehow, grew up a little more willing to see both sides of an issue.

I wouldn’t refer to myself as a liberal, conservative, Democrat, or Republican. In fact, I’m registered to vote as an Independent. But I’ve always had a hard time picking one side.

I think there’s too many shades of gray in life to see things in black and white.

However, if we’re being honest, I lean more toward the “bleeding heart” variety of thoughts.

I’m open to your religion, sexuality, identity, background, whatever.

I’m sympathetic of the plights of people who weren’t as fortunate as I was growing up.

I love conversations about religion and politics when people are willing to acknowledge that there are two sides to any issue, and that rarely-and I mean, rarely, is either side 100% right.

I think who we are, our opinions, our choices are influenced by a variety of things: our pasts, our educations, what we’ve read, how we were raised. And, just because you were raised the same way with the same background doesn’t mean you have the same experiences, and therefore it’s not a guarantee of the same opinion.

When I think about what I like about myself, my ability to be open-minded is a huge factor. My empathy, social awareness, and ability to read people are others.

I think we all have something that makes us a superhuman, don’t you?

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