Adults, Who Knew?

Do you know what the worst part of being an adult is?

That I don’t get treated by one by so many people in my life.

And, not gonna lie…I don’t really feel like one most of the time either. And I’m over thirty.

My students think of me as, like, the adult. The adult in the room, the adult in the school to come to. But, I’m pretty sure my coworkers and my administration, don’t think that. I mean…both my admin, and some of my coworkers are old enough to be my parents. In fact, at least two coworkers have kids older than me…

But, I digress.

My family? Nope. Definitely don’t see me as an adult.

I just got off the phone with my mother who was telling me about how I should rearrange my kitchen so it flows better, and that I had too much on my counter for her liking.

I reminded her we’re different people.

I also talked to my grandma today a couple times. She’s been feeling pretty crummy the past few days, and was going to go to the local clinic today, so I called to see how it went. She didn’t go. She napped instead, when I called back to see how she was feeling, she informed me that she’s an adult.

Right. I know. You’re literally 40 years older than me.

Maybe though, when we feel that people are infantilizing us, it’s really coming from a place of love, concern, care, whatever.

I know when I called my grandma, I was concerned. At 71 years old, influenza or covid could have a major impact on her health overall. When I hung up she was arguing with my 82 year old grandpa about not getting vaccinated, and reminding him too that she is an adult.

And she is.

The whole day and exchange had me reflecting on how we interpret others words.

Maybe I feel like people don’t treat me like an adult, because I don’t feel like one.

I’m often indecisive, and when people question my choices, I wonder if I made the wrong one.

See what I mean? Maybe it’s more me projecting my insecurities and worries onto conversations with the people in my life.

Maybe I’m not the only one who does this. Or…maybe I am. I mean, no one has recently accused me of being mentally stable.

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