It’s Been Fun

This is my last post.

Writing this blog has been therapeutic for me. I talked about some really hard parts of my life: freely, openly, and unabashedly.

I wrote this from my heart, all parts of me bared.

And…I got reprimanded for it. Long story short: a parent thought the school should know about my rampant use of the eff-bomb.

My district didn’t demand I stop blogging, or posting: just that I stop swearing on it, knowing that parents see it.

Which is fair. I’m a teacher after all.

But…if the person who registered the complaint had read more than one post, they would know that one of my biggest struggles is being boxed into this “teacher” “mom” label and who I “should be.”

It hurt.

I don’t like being reprimanded any how, but I feel like proves my frustrations as valid.

I can’t be an open and honest blogger, writing in my own voice, while I’m a teacher. And that’s okay.

But I’m not going to write inauthentially either, that’s not fair to me or the people who read this.

So. I guess this is my goodbye to blogging post. Maybe some day I’ll be less incline to let an eff-bomb fly, and I’ll try again. But for now, I guess I’ll look for another outlet.

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