House Arrest

Let me begin by saying: I stand by my previous post. Practice social distancing, wash your hands, stay home unless you have to go out.

I’m starting to go stir crazy. I am an introvert. A homebody by nature. I like to be at home where I’m comfortable, wear leggings, drink copious amounts of coffee, read books, and watch Hulu or Netflix.

But. I’m also one of those annoying people that doesn’t like to be told what to do. And being told I need to stay home is driving me crazy. For some reason, I want to go shopping. I DON’T EVEN LIKE SHOPPING. I want to try on clothes, socialize, go to a bar, get pizza from Pizza Hut or Dominos.

So. I’m staying home, I’m working from home. And I’m planning our adventure for when quarantine is over. It will involve pizza, probably a hotel, and likely outside time since it will probably be summer.

I’m frustrated, overwhelmed and anxious. I’m trying really hard to manage those feelings, but realistically, it’s fucking hard right now. I cried when Governor Noem announced South Dakota schools will be closed through May 1st, and then cried most of the next day too. I can’t decide if my emotions are making me snappy and edgy, or if the home time is.

I also realize how lucky we are to be doing this now instead of a hundred years ago. I can see my friends and family using my phone. I can see my students. I can have supplies delivered to my house at the touch of a button. I have Netflix, Hulu, and a Kindle where I have pretty much unlimited access to books.

My family is healthy. There are no confirmed cases in my county. It’s supposed to be sunny this weekend which means we’ll go for a walk.

It’s really not ideal, but it is for the best of everyone. But…that isn’t going to stop me from plotting and planning what happens after. Hey, we all need something to look forward to.

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