To be honest, I wasn’t a huge believer in this whole Corona Virus thing. I wasn’t stress shopping, or hoarding toilet paper, or food. I was washing my hands, using hand sanitizer, the sanitizing wipes at grocery stores for the carts. Then the South Dakota Governor opted to close down for a week.

We started online/e-learning/remote learning preparation. As a staff, we waded into uncharted water: Google Classrooms, Zoom, different educational platforms. We made packets, went through lockers, sent home books for an unknown amount of time. Then Governor Noem opted to keep school closed for a second week.

I’m officially losing my fucking mind. On one note, the technology isn’t challenging, per say, but it isn’t suited super well to my teaching style. It is overwhelming. And I miss my kids. We had three days of spring break before the state mandated shut down. I haven’t seen my kids in over a week. Anywhere. In the summer I usually see them out and about in town, but even if they are, I’m not currently adventuring out much.

I miss them. I’m worried about them. About their health, their choices, their families, their anxiety.

I’m worried about my own kids. My big one had RSV at six months, making him susceptible to respiratory infections. My little one is nine months old.

I know I’m echoing millions of other people in this. We’re all worried. We’re scared. We’re overwhelmed. We feel isolated and frustrated, and for many teachers, it’s an additional worry and overwhelm.

This is fucking hard, people. And, people are acting like assholes. I think the hardest thing about this whole experience is the disenchantment I feel in humanity. I know that for my own mental health, I have to make an effort to step away from social media, the news, and all the negative energy out there.

So. Stay home. Wash your fucking hands. Cover your coughs/sneezes. Binge watch Disney+ or Brooklyn 99. Say a prayer. Send out good vibes. Smudge your house. Whatever you gotta do, let’s get some good energy back into our world, because I’m not sure what will happen if we don’t…

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