A Love Letter

To my husband,

I know life with me hasn’t been easy. I know that there are days where you probably want to throw in the towel; and there are days when I threaten to.

To be honest with you, that won’t happen. I don’t know that there has ever been someone in my life who just intuitively knows what I need–often before I do. Whether it’s space, comfort, or sex, you get me.

In our eight years together, we’ve grown, changed, moved, become husband and wife, become parents. We’ve dealt with health scares for our parents, losses of grandparents, mental illness diagnosis, grad school. We’ve welcomed two babies, promotions, a house we’ve made our home, and three cats.

There are days when I want to scream and run. Where you make meĀ so angry I scream and cry. But, more often, the days are filled with thoughtful moments and comments, with love that makes my chest hurt.

You have always seen more in me than I’ve seen in myself. You accept me, flaws and all, and have stuck it out with me even when I’ve actively pushed you away.

I can’t imagine doing this life with anyone but you. You, my partner in marriage, parenthood, and life. You, the man who still makes my heart beat too fast; who makes me laugh when I don’t want to; who will dance with me in the bathroom (after telling me my music is “too damn loud.”)

I’m so grateful that our paths crossed, and that you were so adamantly persistent.

I’m so grateful for you.


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