The Good Stuff

This week, I wrote a lament about teaching. It was a bad day. Actually, it was a bad week. But this morning, my phone rang at 7:15, I was trying to get to school, with my children, because of after Halloween madness, and, assuming it was my mom, I just let it go.

Once I got the boys sent off to daycare with Daddy, I went to return my mom’s call, but it wasn’t mom, it was one of my students who is currently in Indianapolis for National FFA Convention.

So, obviously, I returned his call. He was just calling to let me know that he made top three for his competition, and would be on stage to present today. He told me it’s livestreamed.

I told him thanks for letting me know, and that I would leave it on my computer so I could see him.

didn’t tell him we got an email from the FFA teacher yesterday letting us know the same thing, because if it means that much to him to call me to let me know, then I’m just going to let him think he’s telling me something new.

These moments, the little things, make all of the other shit worth it.

So teacher, educators, parents, just know, it really does have it’s payoffs, and it does get better….or I hope it does. But I know there are payoffs, moments where the universe reminds you why you do what you do, and why it’s important.

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