Today…no, this week…no, this month…no. To be honest, this semester has been one what the fuck moment after another.

Today. Today my what the fuck level has been reached.

In my afternoon classes alone…two sophomore girls were putting on makeup. Four seniors didn’t do their assignments. And two sophomores boys used class work time to play computer games, then acted offended when I took over the computer to shut it down.

What the fuck is wrong with these kids?!

And I love my students, but jesus fuck. This is insane. They’re fucking idiots. Who the FUCK has the gall to sit in work time in English class and put on fucking makeup?! What. The. Fuck.

I quit. I retire. I resign. I’m going to wait tables, or stay home and drink all day. Because I’m SO fucking mad right now.

And I’m PMSing, so there’s that…

So…my fellow teachers, educators, former educators, whatever, how do you do it? How do you handle the blatant disrespect that many teens exhibit today?

How do you not shank a bitch, or bitchslap a kid?

Why are we in a field where we’re expected to put up with this, and if we make comments about how bad it can suck, we’re met with: “Run your classroom better.” “Make relationships with them.” “Do more.” “Do less.”

Never mind that honest to god it doesn’t matter what we do. The current generation of teenagers is….often entitled, savvy, technologically advanced, blessed (cursed?) with a new breed of parents often referred to as “Helicopter parents.”

They, like all teens before them, think they know it all. And no one tells them otherwise until it’s too late.

I’m whining, but I’m exhausted and frustrated by what I see going on in my classroom.


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