You know what’s awesome? Holiday breaks. You know what’s not awesome? Holidays as an adult.

Okay, that’s not entirely fair or accurate. However, holidays as an adult are hella stressful and not the idyllic, peaceful, fun experience nostalgia says the holidays of your childhood were. Where are you going? In-laws? Parents? Grandparents? Grandparents-in-law? Hosting? Who the fuck knows?

And, to make matters worse. there’s a lot of upheaval on my side of the family currently which has effected holiday plans. Then, my husband’s side has it’s own brand of upheaval and disaster that honestly has kept us from a Christmas there since the year I was pregnant with the Monster.

It’s complicated and messy and frustrating and stressful. I remember always loving spending time with the family for holidays. The food, the laughter, the games. Being naive and unaware of the family drama that accompanies holidays is probably the best of my childhood memories. Now? It’s bickering, nitpicking, aggravating, unenjoyable.

So. Due to all of the stuff going on on both sides of everything, for Thanksgiving we’re staying home. I think we’re going to make a ham, some stuffing, corn, and a pie. We’re going to clean the carpets in our house and watch movies with just my little family. While it’s not ideal, or really what I had wanted for the kick-off of holiday season, it’s also something I’m vaguely looking forward to.

Less stress. Less drama. Less pants.

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