Overwhelmed and Touched

Last night, I went to bed around 9 and I woke up at least five times stressing about school stuff. This morning we started One Act Play, which we chose a great one, but it’s a very fixed cast and I already had one quit and one have an engagement come up on the of the school and public performance. Hello, stress.

This morning, the first day of auditions, I had four kids not show up. FOUR of 14. Are you fucking kidding me. My stress level raised another fifteen notches.

Plus, it’s a Monday. Plus, it’s Veteran’s Day. Plus, I spent the weekend at my in-laws, my house is a shitshow, my desk has piles of grading to do, and grad school is currently killing me.

And then, to top of the insanity of my Monday morning. I dismiss my One Act kids, and was trying to help one of my sophomores with her speech and in walks one of my juniors. I was only half focused on him, didn’t really register that he brought his middle school aged sister in with him.

Now, some background. I love this kid, but he’s rough around the edges. He’s foul-mouthed, bad attitude, shitty homelife, heart of gold. He brought me his sister and goes, “S. I need your help. I’m not good at kids.”

Again, I didn’t realize he brought his sister at first, so I was like “oh?” Then I looked up, said hi to sister, and asked what they needed from me.

“She keeps crying and I don’t know how to help her.” I’d already heard some rumors about what happened at their home this weekend, so yeah. He looks at her and goes, “Talk to her. She’s good at this shit.”

Overwhelmed. Sixth graders are out of my expertise area, and I had seven million other things going on. But touched, because this rough and tumble junior boy trusts me and believes in me enough to bring me his sister who’s struggling right now.

Teaching, man, it’s not for the weak.

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