Let the Chaos Commence


I wish that made me feel better.

Today is officially a week and one day into the school year, and I’ve already missed a day. Do you know what that does to a classroom, a teacher, a desk?

It makes it an utter fucking disaster. Like seriously.

My kids actually have been pretty awesome, with some whiny exceptions.

But, fuck, I feel like it was off to the races and I’m running against Usain Bolt.

Last week, the first week of school which was a whopping three days, I went to bed at eight two nights. The weekend was spent working for a club I’m part of, and meeting my parents for a lunch date. This week my toddler popped through two teeth and is working on two more, missed daycare because of the subsequent fever Monday, missed daycare due to the sick daycare provider Tuesday, and is just fucking crabby.

My hubby is stressed about work and also fucking crabby. Oh, and to top it off, we’re idiots and thinking about having another baby. Because, clearly, our life isn’t chaotic enough as it is.

Seriously. One week in and I’m so fucking exhausted I can’t see straight. My life is almost always in a constant state of chaos, and some days I tell myself I wouldn’t have it any other way. But let’s be real, today, this week, I would gladly trade it in for one of those lives where you marry rich and sunbathe on a yacht.

Welcome to my chaos. I hope everyone else is heading into September with thoughts of relaxing fall days. Because God fucking knows I need some relaxing.

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