Here We Go…

I have spent the past four days working feverishly in my room, attempting to get everything exactly right before school starts.

It’s ready to go. I mean, the copies are done, the walls are decorated, things are labeled, my desk is reorganized. It’s as ready as it’s going to be before my teenagers come back.

Well. Except for desks.

This is not some educational blog post praising free seating. The past four years I’ve had the typical high school desk, bars on the side, basket underneath. But…the bars kept popping off, a couple times the desks just broke. So last year, I requisitioned for tables, which give me some freedom in seating that desks don’t allow.

They’re not here yet. I’m starting to panic a little, but (shrug) shit happens.

We have open house on Thursday. Inservice Monday, and the kids start back Wednesday (the 22nd.)

I’m excited. My room is ready. G is back at daycare.

So. For the next two days, I’ll be spending time AWAY from school, sitting at my home, working on grad school homework. Because, it’s the last week of my two classes, which means projects and papers are due Saturday.

But, I’m really excited. I’m loving the way my room turned out this year–I do try and change it up every year. I’m excited to see my kiddos, I’m excited for a fresh start.

I’m feeling hopefully about this year.

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