Just Call me Vivi…

Lately, I’ve been thinking about characters. You know, movie, book, tv, etc. that we relate to. I’ve always been drawn to messy, imperfect characters. Scarlett O’Hara, Catherine from Wuthering Heights, Esther Greenwood.

Jane Eyre in her sweet, pathetic, perfectness sets my teeth on edge.

Lately, I feel like Vivianne Joan Abbot Walker. (Sidenote: If you haven’t seen or read The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, get on that shit.) There’s one scene in which Vivi, played by Ashley Judd-phenomenal acting, btw- goes to confession and asks forgiveness for her thinking unkind thoughts about her family. Wishing them gone. Being single and famous or something.

I get that.

So other than feeling slightly Vivi-ish, I’ve been trying to think about people who I actually look up to, and not characters, because I have a list as long as my forearm of women in literature who are admirable, but they’re not real. They can be perfect, and flawed, but still come out on top because it’s literature and they get a happy ending, or well, kind of.  (The tree I listed are…ambiguous at best…)

I admire strong women who don’t back down. Women like Amy Poehler and Tina Fey who speak their truths and write it. Women like Mindy Kaling and Kelly Clarkson who talk about their bodies and why other people shouldn’t. Women like P!nk, who doesn’t give a flying fuck what you think about her parenting choices.

Anna Farris has a podcast, Anna Farris is Unqualified. It’s amazing, everyone should listen. It’s like two AM bar bathroom talk at times, lots of compliments and I love yous to her guests, but also down to earth and honest.

I follow a lot of honest celebrities on Instagram and Twitter (Although I’m currently on a social media sabbatical). I unfollow if I don’t buy what they say. Honesty is key, right? Chrissy Teigen. Seriously. Her honesty and brutal “this is my life if you don’t like it fuck off,” is fucking awesome.

Why do we feel the need to cover up and present this perfect facade of what people want to see. I’m not perfect. I’m flawed, and fucked up. So are you. So is everyone.

One of the people I think about most often when writing my blog posts is Brittany, Herself. I stumbled across her blog by accident from the Pinterest humor page. She had/has a page called the Andy Emails, and after I read them, laughing so hard that I cried, I checked out the rest of her blog.

The honesty, relate-ability, and similarities were inspiring.  She writes about the good and bad shit. The hard and funny. She’s written two books now, and honestly, they should be on everyone’s must read list. (I would link the blog, but apparently the page is currently down?)

Anyway, she writes in a way that makes you feel like you’re best friends. Like you could tell her about the days you wish everyone around you was dead and you were single and free. And she writes about real life shit, that a lot of people experience and don’t talk about. That’s bravery to me.

Like I said, there’s a lot of people out there to look up to, for a million reasons, and obviously Scarlett O’Hara has my literature heart for her bad-ass attitude, bitchin’ hoop skirts, and watch me attitude, but the real world has some pretty badass women too.

Who are your heroes? Literary and real.

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