As a rule, I don’t talk about my political beliefs with very many people, including but not limited to: my family, my coworkers, my friends, strangers, and definitely not the internet.

Sorry if you came here to see what my opinions on President Trump, abortion, weed, or the current situation going on with the children of illegal immigrants is.

What I do have to say is, opinions are 100% personal; as in it’s very rare for two people to see things the exact same way.

When I’ve been on social media lately, I think of that cartoon that’s a 6/9 depending on which way they’re standing and it says something about depends on which side you are on. And then, someone changed it to say that the creator clearly meant it as either a 6 or a 9, so one is wrong.

As a former English major…yes. That’s true. If you’ve ever taken any advanced literature courses, in particular Literary Criticism, you’ll understand what I’m about to say.

We view things from books to movies, to political issues, to songs, to–obviously–literature based on the scope of our own experiences. Our experiences shape us, and therefore how we view things.

Now, experiences is a broad term. Where you grew up, which income bracket you fell into growing up, your high school experience, what your parents believe, religion, all of those things are important in establishing views. However, reading also is a factor. (There is a link between empathy and reading!) So, the experiences you’ve read about. Travel. I could go on and on.

And siblings can have fundamentally different views, because of gender, things they’ve read, and innate open-mindedness. (Just saying, from experience.)

My point in this is…I don’t know if there is inherently a right or wrong answer to all of these issues. I know my opinion, I’m sure you know yours. But, what we have to remember when we’re bashing each other in the comment section of Facebook, Twitter, or fucking Instagram, is that their lives have shaped their opinions. And, being open-minded might help us stop all of the constant arguing. If we took a second to see something from someone else’s perspective, chances are we’d learn something.

And, friendly reminder, social media is for pictures of your life: vacations, babies, pets, drunken bar bathroom pictures. Share the funny anecdote from your day! Overshare about your child’s potty training issues. But for the love of God, please stop fighting about stuff that isn’t going to change by arguing about it on Facebook!

(Or ignore me and continue doing you, who am I to tell you how to live your life?)

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