Spring Break! *Happy Dance?*

For everyone that’s not a teacher, I’m so sorry for what I’m about to say. YAY for long breaks from school: Christmas, spring, and summer are the best! Obviously I miss my kids and stuff, but I also enjoy having a nice little break in the middle of the week, or month, or what ever. Now, clarifier, I didn’t choose teaching for this particular perk. However, I did choose to work with high schoolers, so…I enjoy a break.

Also, reminder, for people feeling jealous of teachers, we’ve been very much under the microscope and the “will they/won’t they” arm teacher discussion is bringing out a lot of hate and demands. So. It’s the best and worst of times to be a teacher.

So. Like everyone who has three days off in the middle of the week I’ve been making plans for the past month of things I’m going to get accomplished. Deep clean the house and clean the carpets. Get caught up on grad school homework. Watch a movie for me–not Sing with G for the thousandth time. Read a fun book. Catch up on my assigned reading from my counselor. Counselor appointment. Dentist.

Wanna know what I’ve accomplished?


Well, I went to my counselor this morning. I’m less than 24 hours into spring break, so obviously I might make progress on my list. But, if I don’t?

It’s okay.

I know. I know. It shouldn’t be okay, but it is. You know why? Because sometimes self-care has to be a focus. And sometimes self-care is things like SVU on Netflix. Updating your blog. Listening to the Hamilton soundtrack for the umpteenth time. Cuddling with your toddler.

And that’s okay.

Because I am who I am, driven by anxiety, perfectionism, and a slight case of Control Freakitis (it may or may not be an actual diagnosis. I’m not a doctor, I teach high school English). I have a really hard time when my to-do lists don’t get accomplished, but sometimes depression and anxiety flair, and there’s nothing you can do.

And sometimes, it’s just life.

We currently have a contractor putting laminate flooring in our dining room, kitchen, and entry ways. That makes deep cleaning and shampooing carpets a little difficult. My toddler had a terrifying night terror last night: screaming, crying, inconsolable, sleep with mom and dad-but restlessly-kind of night.

So…my hope for the next four days is to: do laundry, put my house back together, go to the dentist, nap, do my homework (which I have been ahead on!) Maybe read, undoubtedly watch Sing with G, and enjoy not having  to run, go, and do.

And. That’s what matters.  Life isn’t always about having the immaculate house, perfectly Instagrammable moments, doing what’s expected. It shouldn’t be. It should be about doing what makes you happy; whether it’s bingewatching Netflix or spring cleaning.

FYI. I choose Netflix over cleaning any day.

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